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The customer request was to realize a system for the complete management of a generator with an alternator 48Vdc, to use it for the control and the charge of batteries in Telecom installations. Specifically, the need of the customer were:

  • To optimize the use of diesel engine
  • To reduce maintenance costs
  • To optimize the duration of the battery pack
  • To reduce the service costs
  • To control by remote the system through SMS

In order to proceed with the realization of the system the customer sent to Tecnoelettra’s establishment, its base generators (composed by engine, alternator, basement and tank).


Starting by the generator the client provided, Tecnoelettra realized all the equipment necessary to reach and achieve the purposes of the client, realizing and installing:

  • A RPM regulator with its actuator in order to make the engine variable
  • An electrical panel on the generator to contain all command and control equipment
  • The whole electric cable
  • A Software that, through a specific algorithm keeps in consideration the characteristics and the battery status, and the mapping of engine consumption, and allows managing the recharge.

Thanks to the introduced solutions, the engine was able to work in optimal ranges of consumption, allowing in the meantime making a recharge of the battery punctiliously in line with the curve indicated from the builder.


Once tests have been finished, Tecnoelettra sent back to the customer the equipment, finished and ready to work, providing all complete manual in order to understand the system and use it; a qualified technician went to the customer in order to provide assistance in the first intervention.

Tecnoelettra was able to achieve all the customer purposes, providing a complete service.