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Engineering and Services


Before buying a product, the customer is completely assisted, from the selection of the system that fits better his needs. Tecnoelettra doesn’t only give consultancy referring to technical features and applications of products on the catalogue, but, further to customer requirement, can offer support also for special requests, particular technical specifications or tender.


Tecnoelettra has a strong and stable experience in designing electrical parts of its installations and, together with this activity, a custom engineering service is developing.

It means that the customer who wants to count on a tailored and customized product, can give the entire planning  process to Tecnoelettra. Our specialists will study the equipment according to the function for which it will be used, taking care of every aspect: electrical part, software and electrical, but also test and technical documentation, providing a totally customized project.


The offer of very tailored and customized products and services is a very important aspect in the company philosophy. Being aware of very specific operating modes in industrials area in which Tecnoelettra’s products are going to operate, the company is at complete disposal of its customers that need a customized and tailored version of a product on the catalogue.

Moreover, further to request of the customer, Tecnoelettra’s specialists provide a certification of its products depending on the sector to which they are intended: another aspect of the customization of the offered and of the flexibility to satisfy the customer needs.