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The operative mode is selected by an external three-position selector Aut-0-Man connected to terminals 3-4-5

MANUAL position
The pump starts by turning the selector to this position.
It stops by releasing the selector, which returns automatically to zero position. In manual operation, the pump is stopped only in the presence of full level

OFF position
No functioning for the pump

AUTOMATIC position
the engine works according to different levels as follows:

  • empty fuel tank (if lower level L4 is connected to terminal 12),
  • reserve level (if lower level 4 is connected to terminal 13),
  • minimum level (for start, level 3 is connected to terminal 14),
  • maximum level (for stop, level 2 is connected to terminal 15),
  • full level (level 1 is connected to terminal 16).

Floats levels description:

  • reserve level: it doesn’t stop the pump.
    It renders the exit on alrm 7 active. General alarm output is active.
  • Minimum level: it starts the pump and in case of necessity it turns the solenoid valve output active
  • Maximum level it stops the pump and and it stops the solenoid valve supply
  • Full level: it stops the pump, it turns off the solenoid output valve and it turn on the alarm output on terminal 8.
    It is possible to disable the alarms by

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