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Automatic and manual transfer-switch panel

  • Metax box RAL7035 IP55
  • Mains/Generator transfer switch with contactors up t0 135A and with motorized changeover switches from 160A to 3200A
  • Nickel plated power bar for a longer performance, reliability and quality
  • Terminal box for auxiliaries
  • Protection Fuses
  • ATS-I controller:
    • 8 functions buttons
    • Graphic display 128x64pixel
    • Mains tension measures L 1-L2-L3
    • Mains frequency measures
    • Generator's voltage measures L1-L2-L3
    • Generator's frequency measures
    • Low/high mains and generator voltage alarms
    • Low/high mains and generator frequency alarms
    • Wrong phase sequence mains and generator
    • Failed start alarm

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