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  • Compact, elegant and functional design
  • Simple keyboard
  • All measures, alarms and informations in a backlighted graphical display 128x64pixel
  • Voltage and current TRMS measurements
  • Events log with 10 events
  • 4 languages on board + 1 programmable
  • Calendar
  • 1 serial interface RS232 or RS485
  • 3 leds to indicate immediately the presence or lacking of the phases
  • 3 leds to indicate the state of the pump: start request, start failed, pump ON.
  • Led test by keyboard
  • 4 types of starting: D.O.L., wye-delta, impedence, autotransformer
  • Manual stop or automatic stop by pressure switch status
  • 1 analog input for pressure sensor
  • Supply: 8-35Vdc and 180-440 Vac
  • Programmable automatic weekly test
  • 2 years warranty automatically detected by the controller
  • n°4 NPN outputs to view alarms on other remote panels
  • GSM support

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