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30 years of innovation

Tecnoelettra was born in 1985 in Guastalla (RE) from an idea of its foundator, Mr. Daniele Zanichelli, and from his wish to innovate and to realize electrical circuits, software, remote control systems and electrical panels for Energy, Hydric and Firefighting sectors.

Since the beginning the main purpose of the company is to be a partner – and not only a supplier – at complete disposal of its customers in order to develop customized innovative products for the exigence of the final user, making these components more functional and attainable. Tecnoelettra shows its deep technical knowledges together with an incentive to research, technological progress and creativity.

Creativity and innovative vision are the qualities that let Tecnoelettra, in 2007 and 2014, to patent two different integrated development environment.

This new technology, together with the concept of “beauty” let Tecnoelettra transform simple equipment, considered as a whole of wires and metal, into pleasant elements, with a modern design, that give to the whole range of Tecnoelettra’s products something extra compared to competitors.